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Richard Mille Replica Watches Comedia Dell Arte WatchLaunched in three exclusive series of 8 pieces, this unique timepiece recalls the Italian theatrical life of the 16th century, by pairing the sound of the cathedral gong minute repeater with complex contemporary automata which come to life with every strike of the chime. Richard Mille Replica Watches Comedia Dell Arte watch displays figures of three iconic characters from that lively epoch - Brighella, Pulcinella, and Harlequin - performing a nomadic,Richard Mille Replica Watches outdoor form of improvisation. With the activation of the minute repeater, these automata start with their performance against a highly sophisticated background that represents an Italian palazzo.

A cathedral gongs are longer than standard hammers, providing a deeper sound and amplifying the resonance of a movement. On demand, the minute repeater mechanism chimes the hours, quarter hours and minutes in different tones, animating the different figures on the dial each time. Depending on the scene, among five and seven mobile components drive the figures. The show begins when the central figure moves its arm, followed by other automata moving their feet, chests or heads, in the thrilling performance.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica This is possible thanks to an extremely complex hand-winding Calibre BVL 618 which is completely hand-finished.

The Comedia Dell Arte watch comes in three variations, each of which shows a different scene on its dial, with a Venetian, Neapolitan or Bolognese decor. Brighella, Pulcinella and Harlequin are the main characters on each dial executions, showcased as singing or playing musical instruments. Crafted on 18 karat gold discs, each dial is an authentic piece of art, executed by Ateliers Vaucher in Geneva which applied a series of very rare and difficult techniques, such as miniature painting, engraving and chasing. It shows time by means of a retrograde minute display and a jumping hour disk, indicated through the aperture at the 6 o'clock position.

The extremely robust, 54 mm case is made of 18 karat white gold and Magsonic(r), a special alloy added to optimize the resonance. The Comedia Dell Arte is available for CHF 400,000.

Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 "La Ferrari" WatchThe true beauty of the haute horology lies in the fact that the high end watchmakers each year find new creative concepts and push the technological limits further and further, in order to present basic timekeeping features, as well as most valuable complications in a completely unique way. Just take a look at this Hublot's masterpiece and you will know exactly what I am talking about.